Health Information

The Spinone is generally a rugged, healthy breed, and most live long, healthy lives. However, the relatively small gene pool they descend from demands careful consideration in terms of breeding and health screenings.

As with any breed, conscientious breeders perform recommended health screenings on potential parents to minimize the chance of health issues in offspring. Breeders can study pedigrees, and perform every health clearance, and yet no one can guarantee the absolute health of every puppy into their senior years.

The Spinone Health Foundation, the SCOA, and responsible breeders are making every effort to maximize the health of this wonderful breed. We believe health tested parents produce healthier puppies. To this end, our girls, and chosen sires have been OFA health tested and screened for Hips/Elbows, OFA cardio, OFA Eye Certification, CA, and are tested for normal thyroid. Visit the Spinone Club of America website for additional information about breed health.

Pedigree and Health screening results are available for our Spinoni on this site.