Puppies/Breeding Programs

Embarking on a breeding, and raising a litter of puppies is not something we enter into lightly…the health of my Spinoni is of utmost importance, and though this is a rugged, healthy breed, there are inherent risks involved in a pregnancy and whelping. Much consideration is spent on the choice of a Sire…all health tests and clearances are evaluated, as are Pedigree and hunt ability.

Breeding is a big responsibility for the lifetime of the puppies we place…If logistics allow, we like to meet prospective families, and talk at length about their interest, and make sure that a placement is a good fit not just for the family, but for the puppies we raise.

We strive for excellence in all areas of raising a litter…the methods we utilize for socialization/enrichment are arguably as important as the work involved in planning each litter, and the quality of the pedigrees. Our puppies are home raised, using Puppy Culture protocols, with plenty of love, attention, and lots of household noise and activity. Our “Puppy Town” (dubbed by one of my nieces) is in a sunroom just off the kitchen/family room, so the puppies receive lots of interaction from the start…socialization and training starts early, and is a full time job for 8 – 10 weeks.

The Puppy Culture Program, by Jane Killion, is a socialization and enrichment program that stresses the importance of the first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life. The Spinone can be a “cautious” breed, so I feel the Puppy Culture program is important to ensure all puppies receive the best start, and allow them to reach their full potential as talented hunt companions, confident show prospects, therapy dogs, and most importantly, cherished family members.

As a breeder, I ask that all potential puppy families watch the Puppy Culture DVD, so that they will have a good idea of what we’re doing with the puppies early on, and what they should continue once they bring their puppy home. We encourage puppy visits, so that families can be part of the process early on, and provide a lifetime of support and mentorship.

If we don’t have a planned breeding in the near future, I’m happy to recommend a breeder that may have availability. I caution puppy prospects to inquire early…the Spinone is gaining in popularity…for good reason…they are sweet, soulful dogs with loads of personality…and focused, skilled versatile hunting companions. Dedicated breeders typically don’t breed every year…so wait lists can be long, a wait of over a year is not uncommon…but they are truly worth the wait!

We hope to breed our girl “Regina Margarita”, aka “Reggie” next year, in the Spring of 2019. We are in the process of completing all health clearances, and looking at potential Sires. If you’re interested in information about our breeding program, or the breed in general, complete the CONTACT section of our site, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.